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Vicki Lea Eggen

Vicki Lea Eggen

Forest Ranch, CA


I have always looked at the world through a creative lens. From a very young girl, I have been drawn to capture the pieces of life that move me so deeply. With my drawings, my photographs, as well as my music and poetry- I have journeyed to express the depth and the beauty that compels me.

Discovering the world of Photoshop, I have found a place where I can combine my "tools" of expression, drawing out the emotion of the beauty that I find so compelling. Many times- my photographs capture the vision and the feeling that led me to take the picture... But often- I use my countless folders of photographs that I have taken- of trees, leaves, rivers, clouds... forests etc.; And I use them as my paintbrush, to "paint" the pictures I create.

I also have a short slideshow set to my music on youtube:

As well as a page on Facebook showing what services I offer; Custom portraits, photo restoration etc. I also (very much) enjoy designing CD covers as part of my services. I designed 3 of the CD covers displayed for my music:


Tail Wind by Vicki Lea Eggen


Home is Where You Paint Your Hat by Vicki Lea Eggen


Bridge to the Past by Vicki Lea Eggen


Dreams of Avolon by Vicki Lea Eggen


Unfurling by Vicki Lea Eggen


Kalidiscope by Vicki Lea Eggen


Through The Woods by Vicki Lea Eggen


Lone Pine by Vicki Lea Eggen


The Gathering by Vicki Lea Eggen


Nude Sun Bather by Vicki Lea Eggen


Dead Of Night by Vicki Lea Eggen


The Middle Of Autumn by Vicki Lea Eggen


Cliffs of the Ruin by Vicki Lea Eggen